The Ibogaine Dossier
The Ibogaine Dossier

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The Ibogaine Dossier

NYU Conference on Ibogaine

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November 5-6, 1999
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The Conference on Ibogaine will be held on November 5 and 6, 1999 at the New York University School of Medicine. It is the first meeting to be devoted to the subject of ibogaine to be held at a US academic medical center. Ibogaine is significant from a scientific perspective as a paradigm for understanding the neurobiology of addiction and the development of new medications.

Ibogaine has a novel mechanism of action that is different from other existing pharmacotherapeutic approaches to addiction. Other relevant issues to be addressed in the Conference include the policy implications ibogaine's status as a Schedule1 substance, the distinctive social and ethnographic aspects of the informal ibogaine treatment context, and its cost effectiveness as a treatment option.

Ibogaine is currently a Schedule 1 substance without formal approval as a treatment option in the US. A distinctive unofficial treatment network, created by international self-help movements in response to the demand of the addicts themselves, has provided ibogaine treatment in non-medical settings such as an apartment or hotel room.

Participants in the Conference will represent the basic and clinical neurosciences, the disciplines of ethnography and sociology, and the FDA, NIDA and the pharmaceutical industry. The promotion of discussion and exchange of information and views among the participants receives significant emphasis in the Conference program and agenda. Topics to be covered include ibogaine's mechanism of action, safety and efficacy, interaction with memory and neurophysiology, and ethnographic and policy perspectives. The proposed Conference presenters have accumulated significant new data on neurobiological, clinical, and sociocultural aspects of ibogaine.

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