The Ibogaine Dossier
The Ibogaine Dossier

Self-Help graphic
Art Buro, Amsterdam
Squatter Movement

Prepared for ICASH
International Coalition
for Addict Self-Help

Nico Adriaans, harm reduction worker and activist
The late Nico Adriaans.
Human being, harm reduction worker and activist.

Nico had a way with words.
"People expect I will introduce
myself as a heroin addict. Would you introduce
yourself and say, Hello I'm a coffee drinker?"

Right panel from tryptich the Rise and Fall of Addiction by G. Frenken
right panel
Rise and Fall of Addiction
© G. Frenken
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The Ibogaine Dossier

2009 International Drug Policy Reform Conference

Albuquerque Convention Center -- Albuquerque, New Mexico
November 11 - 14, 2009


Ibogaine: Medical Practice, Science, and African Heritage

Saturday, November 14, 2009, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Room - Sleta / Jemez

Howard Lotsof -- Dora Weiner Foundation, Staten Island, NY - Mr. Lotsof is the recipient of this year's Robert Randall Award for Achievement in the Field of Citizen Action


Ibogaine in opioid detoxification: How do we know it works? How does it work? (The most often asked patient question)
Kenneth Alper, M.D. -- Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology -- New York University School of Medicine. USA presentation slide show ppt Select slide show viewing mode.

Safety Issues and Cardiac Side-Effects in the Administration of Ibogaine HCl, as an Addiction Interrupter Drug. What we know, what we theorize and what we don't know.
Jeffrey D. Kamlet, MD, FASAM, DABAM -- Fellow, American Society of Addiction Medicine. USA presentation slide show ppt Select slide show viewing mode.

Ibogaine User Self-Help Groups: Cross Cultural Development
Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis -- Founding member, NYCAHN/VOCAL, NYC Drug Users Union. USA Ibogalife

An exploratory study of the short term effects of Ibogaine Treatment. Ibogaine Demographics.
Dr Anwar Jeewar, BDS, HRST, MSocSc -- Director - Minds Alive. South Africa Minds Alive     presentation - Ibogaine Demographics, PDF format

The Benefits & Risks of Treating with Ibogaine in a Clinical Setting: 3 Case Studies
Clare S. Wilkins -- Director, Pangea Biomedics.   Mexico   Pangea Biomedics

Bwiti and iboga, Working properly and safely with iboga or ibogaine and Ibogaine antidotes
Patrick Moughenda Mickala, Nganga, Massango and Mitsogho tribe, Gabon Iboga House


Description of the Ibogaine Session

The discovery of ibogaine's use as an anti-addictive from the West African plant, Tabernanthe iboga, has been principally championed by drug user advocates in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Slovenia, Indonesia, Gabon and South Africa. Some scenes have grown while others have declined. After decades of drug availability suddenly supplies of ibogaine used in treatment was interrupted. Botanical sources had to be found and manufacturing technologies reevaluated by those skilled in the chemistry and manufacture. Amidst all of these changes, the sharing of knowledge, cross cultural understanding and the debt long owed to Africa was acknowledged precipitating the organization of a Federation of Worldwide Ibogaine Practitioners. This panel is that story.

Major clinics are thriving from Mexico to South Africa, clinical trials are pending in Israel and India, and new clinical research is being contemplated in New Zealand, S. Africa, and South America principally for indications to addiction though antibacterial and antiviral effects have been noted. Underground user self-help organizations in keeping with AA except they are not abstinence based are growing in cities where ibogaine is not generally available. What are ibogaine's potential benefits to society? And what are hindrances to manufacturing, accessing, and researching this unique substance? How does it work? What are its mechanisms of action in treating narcotic withdrawal? We herewith present the most exhaustive conference panel on ibogaine ever held. We gladly invite you to attend.

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The Ibogaine Dossier