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Danish Drug User's Union

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L   S   D Landelijk Steunpunt Druggebruikers

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Invitational conference on drug user activism

International Drug User Day
2003, October 31st/November 1st
Copenhagen, Denmark

Invitational conference

The Danish Drug Users Union "BrugerForeningen" and the Dutch National Interest Group of Drug Users "LSD" proudly announce an upcoming meeting on drug user activism. The gathering will take place to mark both the International Drug User Day and the 10th anniversary of BrugerForeningen.

Due to the character of the event, the number of participants is limited to 70 persons.

The organizers therefore take the lead in inviting those user activists that are expected to contribute to, and benefit from, the event. The language will be English. The budget is limited, and so participants are asked to cover all costs related to attending.


The program on Friday October 31st includes training sessions on working with the media and on building a network of allies. In addition, 3 workshops are planned around the following topics:

  • Workshop A:

    Drug User activism in the Digital Age (introductions on PalTalk, list servers, press releases etc)

  • Workshop B:

    Obstacles and challenges to user organisations (success criteria, ways of achieving your goals,keeping workers motivated etc)

  • Workshop C:

    Lifting activism to a professional level

Please note that both trainings and workshops are repeated during the day.

A cyber cafe will be available throughout both days and a programme of videos and movies will be shown.

Saturday November 1st will be given over to various sightseeing trips, e.g. to Christiania. It will also be possible to arrange smaller meetings and further discussions at the BrugerForeningen.


Deadline for registration is September 15th. Please contact for a registration form.

Registration forms returned after this date will not guarantee a place.


It is possible to bring Methadone into Denmark with the relevant paperwork, and so those who are currently in a substitution program (methadone, for example) are asked to ensure that they bring enough with them to last for the duration of their stay. For those who have difficulties in this regard, we can, as a last resort, make arrangements for provision here. In the latter case, please let us know as far in advance as possible.


This year's celebration of International Drug User Day will be different from previous events organized in the Netherlands. We need to stress that during the daytime, people are expected to take part in the various training and workshop sessions.

On Saturday evening a party will be held at BrugerForeningen.

Download Registration Form


Further information, such as names of speakers and trainers and a list of guests will become available by the end of September. In case you need more information before, please contact either Joergen Kjaer (BF) at or Has Cornelissen (LSD) at

The agenda for this conference was provided with the permission of
The National Alliance of Methadone Advocates

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