The Ibogaine Dossier
The Ibogaine Dossier

NYU Conference on Ibogaine Nov 5-6, 1999

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T. iboga roots
T. iboga roots

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The Ibogaine Dossier

The anecdotal reports on this page have not been verified by The Ibogaine Dossier.

Ibogaine Vision

I awake in a hostile enviroment...

The acid rain burns into my skull much like hot oil on a stick of butter, disssolving holes into my brain, systematically eating my physical memory nodes. Yet I remain conscious. The acid screams through my head, the acrid stench of flesh and bone enveloping me as I dissolve into acidic vapor, what little remains puddles into toxicity on the ground where I once stood. The remains ignite into flame and my soul rises into a luminescant plasma; a phoenix rising from the inferno.

The plasma, waxing & waning in intensity, throbbing and morphing in form, is random. I slowly begin to gain control and I take on various shapes at will. My outer surface is a complex network of energy forming an intricate grid of geometry. Fiery red, green and blue pulses form the vertices, a psychedelic grid. This begins to take on a familar pattern and I slowly recognize this as a map, of the universe. I sense an infinite knowledge of divine origin coalescing with-in me. At first it seems to come from an external source, then I realise it is being revealed from inside of me, from the roots of my being. I am not alone in this being, as I am ALL and All is ONE. The remembering begins. Tens of thousands of memories from past lifetimes flood my consciousness in code-like graphical representation. Mathematical equations of light, color, pattern and intensity project themselves across the liquid skin of my human form, raised in relief, an eternity of consciousness embossed on the surafce of my soul. Within, infinite sacred geometry spins its divine dance; a blueprint of the universe.

Although my physical body has been shed, sound/touch/sight/smell are amplified a thousand fold, overlapping to create a myriad of new and strange sensations. I begin to accelerate through time/space, and I find myself speeding at an enormous rate through the universe: my own consciousness. Stars, Quazars, Aquaintances and Lovers blur by, fleeting glimpses of Past, Present and Future which combine into an all-enveloping eternity. Time is just an illusion...

Trailing behind me is an all-familar, vaporous, glowing, bubbling tracer that sparkles and reflects the surrounding geometry of the cosmos. I plunge headfirst into a vast nebulah, dissolving and dispersing into the gaseous cosmic cloud, dis-incarnating into the building blocks of life.

Still conscious....

Crystaline formations swirl in an ever increasing intensity around my being, and I momentarily (as if there is a measurement of time) fear being shredded by the razor sharp edges, forgetting I am no longer confined to a physical body. The Crystals quickly shape an immense crystalized sphere in which I am trapped. Feeling imprisonment, I reach out to test the strength of the softly glowing sphere walls and the entire structure dissolves into countless pinpoints of radiant light. I observe my spirit body go through the same transformation countless times; crystalizing and dissolving into light. This becomes dizzying and my attention becomes focused on an approaching shimmering surface, wet in appearance and very reflective. I gaze towards my previously embossed 'skin' and see that it, too has taken on this wet surface, and I feel physicality setting in, I touch my chest with my hand and I am alarmed to see it sink into my flesh, as the stench of rotting muck rises from the gaping sludge, I spiral towards the approaching surface, my body weighted and distorted by the gravitational pull.

Merging with the primordial goo, I sink fast and fear suffocation, but the fear is instantly dispersed with the sensation of gravity and pressure increasing and decreasing concurrently. I take on form and dissolve in unity, evolving through eons of evolution in all expanding now.

Knowledge pours into my soul in the form of light, which is interpreted as more geometric equations. focusing on any given geometric pattern only causes it to change into a completely new pattern, made of spiraling spheres covered with transparent lace made of fractal patterns, very reflective and liquid in form. Multi Threaded DNA Strands dance around my field of vision, which as far as I can tell has a 360 degree range.

An infinity of graphical representations continue to show me knowledge, much of which I can but begin to grasp, even though my awareness has expanded a million fold. I experience being many different life forms; animals, plants, sentinent beings of light and matter, all dancing within an eternal movenment of learning, and Love is the lesson.

The Ibogaine Dossier cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on this page.

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