Visualization: Iboga/Ibogaine

This image, a flash animation, was created by Vincent Lacreuse who is the Webdesigner/webmaster for ASUD, a French harm reduction drug users associaton. It is interesting in that it represents one form of visualization seen under the influence of iboga or ibogaine that is quite distinct from images seen under lsd-like drugs. Welcome to the waking dream.

The background painting from which the animation has been constructed is by Dave Hunter while some of the other images were taken from the MEYAYA Bwiti web page. Lacreuse's work represents the second exhibit of the Ibogaine Dossier Art Gallery depicting a type of visual experience induced by the iboga alkaloids. Our other presentation is Faces. Faces and Dave Hunter's orignal painting may be linked to from the bottom of this page or from the Gallery index.

© flash animation by Vincent Lacreuse
correspondence to the artist

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